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What is 「know-how」English site?

It is the page which summarized the “kbow-how” English page.

“Know-how” is a site for sharing the know-how about a hobby all together, and extending a hobby, deepening, or enjoying a hobby more.
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Let’s attach the remaining apple to salt water.


Let’s attach the remaining apple to salt water. If it remains after cutting an apple, let’s put sa… »続きを読む

How to make kamatama Japanese noodles.


How to make easy kamatama Japanese noodles. Steps A udon ball is boiled. Boiled udon are piled in a vessel. An… »続きを読む

Warm tool (Japanese Kotatsu)


Have you heard of Kotatsu? It is a really warm and recommendable tool. Kotatsu is a Japanese traditional tool.… »続きを読む

ONE PIECE Character Raning


ONE PIECE is the hottest Japanese anime Here is the latest ranking of ONE PIECE characters in 2011. 1. Urouge … »続きを読む

Japanese Happy New Year


Do you want to know life style of Japanese Happy New Year? Companies generally close on Dec.28 for Happy New Y… »続きを読む

Let’s begin Japanese ceramic art.


It is advice to the direction which wants to begin ceramic art of Japan. Merit of a Japanese ceramic art work … »続きを読む

【How to enjoy coffee】Taste of the remaining coffee.


While drinking coffee, finally deep coffee remains in the bottom of a coffee cup. How to enjoy the deep coffee… »続きを読む

Japanese Style Wedding Custom


If you attend Japanese style wedding, there are things you should know before being there. Tips for Japanese W… »続きを読む

【kimono】Japanese Traditional Coloring (Kaga Yuzen)


Kaga Yuzen is one of the most traditional and beautiful coloring technique. If you are interested in the Japan… »続きを読む

Hayao Miyazaki’s films (Japanese anime)


I would like to recommend the best Haoayo’s movies. Hayao’s best films it is amazing that Spirited… »続きを読む

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