Yokohama Stadium parking 2

During baseball games at the Yokohama stadium by car It provides the surrounding parking!

Here at the Yokohama stadium seating chart
[China parking]

Location: front of Chinatown.

China City Centre, 0 Min. walk.
Capacity: 104 units

Shape: mechanical-Tower parking garage

Rate: weekday 30 minutes 300 yen = 1 hour 600 yen (weekday maximum of 2,000 yen)

Holidays 30 minutes 350 yen = 1 hour 700 yen



     Percent off: only if using top game Center discount.

% 引はナシ by the food and beverage outlets.

   ◯ point here
   Honcho-Dori is easy to go along.
   Takes time little immigration depot for solid mechanical.
   Yokohama stadium is approximately 10 minutes by foot.

It will be more fun and eat in Chinatown Chinese to return ☆ System of Government tickets, click here

System of government accommodation here
宿・ホテル予約ならじゃらんnet 楽天トラベル株式会社

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