『Overseas travel』とタグ付けされた記事一覧

[Tour] take care, restrooms


Abroad, the Japan many public toilets do not. Also, even if caught in a dangerous crime also…. Careful t… »続きを読む

[Travel] towel circumstances abroad.


Overseas is normally be folded towel finished in Japan kinda different. Collapsing the towel finished neatly. … »続きを読む

[Overseas] what to do if there are pre-existing


I would travel, there is a pre-existing would hesitate to c. So people try this way. But any pre-existing medi… »続きを読む

One should have to travel to the country [overseas] hot


Without a doubt and bring hot country trip if it survives. Hot country and bring useful stuff. It is a disposa… »続きを読む

[Overseas] Passport sign in Chinese characters


Applying for a passport when traveling abroad, would be needed. This time, sign Rome, or is the character Kanj… »続きを読む

Safe travel abroad holding valuables


Overseas travel is dangerous is full. Risk that other countries is full Japan, even from known good manners an… »続きを読む

Avoid trouble traveling abroad have a secret belt


That typical travel trouble speaking, stolen luggage. So especially wallet card, passport, tickets are stolen … »続きを読む

Travel abroad absolutely necessary belongings


Introduces the possessions of the absolute need to travel abroad. Steps: Travel abroad absolutely necessary in… »続きを読む

When you ask for water in Europe [overseas] restaurant


Ask お冷, Japan, comes the water properly. However, in Europe… “Soda pop” restaurants in Europ… »続きを読む

[Overseas] be careful in such fashion


Japan and abroad differs considerably. It is said about the dress. You never watched the news wearing a t-shir… »続きを読む